Introduction of the center


In the recent years, great attempts have been made for knowledge production in our country resulting in positive promising outcomes. However, due to the lack of planning, most of these attempts have been unintegrated and without taking the scientific society’s expectations into account. Thus, establishment of specialized research centers have been considered for organizing the research activities. These centers are expected to have a better understanding of the research activities horizons based on the regional as well as global requirements and expectations, plan definite goals, and act based on accurate planning. Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, as one of the medical poles of the country, has been one of the pioneers in achieving this goal.


Considering the religious and cultural conditions of the Iranian society, the problems resulting from colorectal disorders can lead to undesirable effects on both the patients and their families. This emphasizes the need to conduct researches for finding appropriate strategies for reducing the patients’ suffering by taking the regional priorities into account. Thus, considering the existence of efficient human resources, colorectal research center of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences was established in 2011 and managed to receive substantive agreement from the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education in June 12, 2012. The faculty members of this center are from various educational departments and it has been attempted to provide the ground for merging basic and clinical sciences. This center also aims at performing purposeful, organized research activities by taking the regional and global needs into account. We hope that assistance and guidance of those interested particularly authoritative institutes and individuals will help us reach our aim.