Message of chairman


In the name of God
University is the origin of all changes. (Imam Khomeini)
Thanks to God’s grace, veterans’ efforts, and publics’ endeavors, the Islamic Republic of Iran has provided a calm environment for the talents to flourish. Also, knowledge production and self-efficacy have been considered as a priority in universities through the supreme leader’s direction. Universities of medical sciences have similarly done their duties resulting in provision of the ground for higher education in specialty and fellowship courses as well as for performing researches in clinical and basic research centers.


Since 2006, colorectal fellowship courses are being held in universities of medical sciences and novel surgical techniques have been taught to the volunteers most of whom are now working in educational centers as faculty members.Furthermore, colorectal surgery congress is annually held in order to present the new diagnostic and treatment methods and has been highly welcomed by the specialists as well as the knowledge seekers.Due to the fact that surgeons and patients from the southern part of the country have greatly welcomed the colorectal surgery department and considering the highly appropriate collected information, colorectal research center was established in 2012 by cooperation of the faculty members of colorectal surgery,gastroenterology, radiology and radiotherapy, immunology, pathology, pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric  performed researches and present the new proposals in this regard. Fortunately, regular monthly meetings are held in this center in order to discuss the clinical plans and works on laboratory animals. Also, a journal related to colorectal surgery entitled “Annals of Colorectal Research” has been published under the guidance of Dr. Lankarani and is ready to accept the articles on this issue.I am also ready to cooperate with all the colleagues who may contribute to improvement of the center which will eventually lead to scientific improvement of the university and development of the country.A note from the center’s dean